My Funk That Lead to a Fall with Halloween

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I couldn't help but not be in the mood for Halloween and getting dressed up this year. Maybe because it was so hot in LA, that it didn't look much like fall or that Halloween was near. I didn't decorate like fall, I didn't plan a costume, and I didn't look into the best parties or festivities that I normal do, so when the time came I wished I had planned months in advance and made an awesome one-of-a-kind costume. Are you the type that buys a costume or makes your own? I usually throw something together and hand-make whatever I can. Well Halloween is gone, and I had major regrets I didn't partake in all the festivities this year. So... I've already started thinking of what to be next year and I'm going to make a commitment to get the costume done well in advance and enjoy all the fun of being a different character for a night or two.

Alyssa Yuhas